A bit about me…

Hands-on Art Director with over 20 years of video game development.
– Art Director on one of the largest video game franchises, EA’s Medal of Honor Pacific Assault.
-15+ years experience as a Founder in various start-up companies, trusted to build/lead art teams.
– Expert in 2D/3D pre-viz. – Vehicle/weapon concept design, exterior/interior environmental design.
– Experienced interfacing with potential clients and key technology partners, translating their ideas into a developable product.
– Dedicated to inspire, lead and drive my art team by leading through example.
– NEVER STOP DESIGNING – Constant seeker of fresh design and stunning visual inspiration.


Brilliantly creative. Exceptionally driven. Amazingly multi-talented. Rob Stahl is a true rock star, who fully dedicates himself to the team, vision, and tasks at hand. I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds developers and artists — Rob’s secret sauce of creative direction, leadership, and hands-on artistry is second to none. – Robin R Johnson/Co-Founder/CEO of Storytime Studios, Inc

Rob Stahl is hands down the best Art Director I have had the pleasure to work with. Rob hired me to be Lead World Builder for Marquee World and it was immediate how much he cared for his team. He quickly not only became the best Art Director I have worked with, To Rob, his team is his family and he grows his family as a cohesive unit. but became the best mentor both professionally and personally I have ever experienced. Rob is quick to give precise feedback to each member on the team curtailed to each artist’s individual learning styles. Whether this required personal demos, paint overs or extra time on the floor, Rob never shies from building his team. To Rob, his team is his family and he grows his family as a cohesive unit. To further illustrate this, Rob even started an after-hours art demos where we all can relax and grow as a family.

Rob is also quick to shield his team from any extra distractions which might come down from upper management. Rob isn’t the type of Art Director to stand by the sidelines when things came down the pipe which weren’t scheduled in the milestone. He would always drop back into production, getting his hands dirty with the team; whether is involved modeling, world building or offsetting other peoples tasks.

Rob is a visionary and his vision is always on point and creates breath taking results. To say I would work with him again is an understatement. I hope to be under his careful guise again soon because he made me the artist I am today. – Larry Vallely/Lead World Builder at Marquee World

While working under the leadership of Rob Stahl under two projects I can unequivocally tell you he is a great Art Director. The reason I use the word great is because he challenged me as a UI/ UX artist to think more about the overall tone, the story behind the thought process, enhancement of the overall experience and a smidgen of tailored substance and quality.I would also like to add that he would never shy away from rolling up his sleeves to get down in the ditches (so to speak) with the rest of the crew.

He is a very patient lead and gives time when needed to areas that he felt would help bring value to both projects. Willing to hear alternative views in order to weight the best option available in order to present them to our Creative Director.

He also was willing to spend extra time after hours teaching. He would teach anyone (artist or not) willing to stay how to draw basic geometry, creating perspective, shading, and other rendering techniques.

In conclusion if you’re looking for an AAA Art Director look no further than Mr. Stahl. Mr. Stahl it was a pleasure working with you and I hope in the near future that we may once again work together. – Robert Burton/CG Artist