EA Los Angeles


Medal of Honor Pacific Assault / 2004

Following in the narrative footsteps of Allied Assault, Medal of Honor Pacific Assault brought  WWII to the jungle. This, of course, brought new challenges of terrain, foliage and trees to an aging Quake based Radiant Engine. Early in development I worked with Tech Art to develop a new terrain creation and painting system that eventually all the level designers used. In addition we created a tool that placed clusters of plants and trees in controllable densities and configurations –  huge time savings in level layout. This was by far my biggest art team to manage: I had 5 art department leads to aid in managing about 25 various artists. Each historical location had its own foliage set and terrain type that gave it a distinct look. I was able create the overall tone and time of day through adjusting skydomes and working with the lighting department to give a sense of progression through the game. There was very little concept design done for this title and the majority of the props were taken from historical reference. The screenshots show the various lighting and color palettes from the game.

◦      Responsible for: Art Direction, large team management, pushing the Tech Art department for cutting edge shaders and tools, lighting and skydome illustration, and interfacing with the marketing department.
◦      Modified Radiant Engine (pc)